Google Launches Android 12L Beta 1 for Big Screen Devices


Android 12L: Google released this Wednesday (8) the first beta of Android 12L, a version of the operating system optimized for devices with large screens. Tablets, folding cell phones and Chromebooks are candidates for using the platform, announced in October.

In Android 12L Beta 1, the Mountain View company has added functionality and user experience improvements, plus bug fixes and December 2021 security patches. For developers, there are new APIs, updated build tools, and images system for testing apps.

One of the new features is the two-column layout, which allows for better use of space on larger screens. With this format, notifications and quick settings can be displayed side by side, as well as other screens and information.

The update also includes a new taskbar, which makes it possible to drag an app into split-screen mode and quickly switch between apps. Another highlight is the improved compatibility mode with visual and stability improvements, bringing a new letterbox experience to users.

Developing apps for big screens

To make it easier for apps to adapt to large, foldable screens, Google has added new APIs and tools to Android 12L. With them, developers can perform faster tests for their programs, taking advantage of the advantages offered by the larger desktop.

Activity embedding APIs are among them, to take advantage of the extra area to display multiple tasks simultaneously. Jetpack Compose makes the job of changing the user interface on different screen sizes easier.