Google kicked Jin out of the group and ARMY got angry


ARMY was in for a big surprise when Jin was no longer a part of BTS according to Google searches.

Kim Seok-Jin, simply known as Jin from the male K-Pop group BTS, drove ARMY crazy when there was talk that he would no longer be with RM, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, V, and Jungkook. Well, a fan noticed that if you typed “BTS band members” into Google, all other members except Worldwide Handsome would appear on the popular search site. You remember?

An outraged fan expressed her opinion on Twitter saying, “I’m really mad. Google fixes this because Jin will always be a member. It doesn’t matter where you are. He is part of BTS and nothing will change that. ” Something completely understandable, since no ARMY would like to say goodbye to one of their favorite artists.

Why did Google remove Jin’s profile?

The entire ARMY quickly realized that Jin’s image was missing when Google decided to remove it. Theories began to revolve as to why this happened, since no type of departure from the K-Pop group was ever formally announced and there were less reasons for this to be the case.

One Twitter user suggested that people paid Google to delete Jin’s photo in an attempt to cause disunity within BTS. In the screenshots that were posted alongside the tweet at the time, the search site only recognized six members of the group. Another user said that the “anti fans” or people who want to see the disappearance of BTS, reported Jin so many times that her photo was removed.

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Jin’s photo returns to Google

Although the photo of Jin was put back on Google, there is a question worth investigating. This problem occurred in June 2020 and the experiment of writing “BTS band members” was done on the internet. ARMY noted that even though Seokjin’s name still appeared, all his credentials were gone.

For all other K-Pop members, it is said what role they play in the band, but for Jin it was only shown that he had debuted with the boyband since 2013. This is very superficial, but they could be trolls as all fans assume. Somewhat surreal, because in an interview BTS agreed that Jin would be the first to leave if the group ever disbanded.

This is because military service for male citizens in South Korea is very important. Men ages 18 to 28 are serving 21 months of mandatory service in the military. Since Jin is the oldest of the Bangtan Boys, he would obviously be the first to go and join the army; since he just turned 28, which is the best age.

Won’t BTS do their military service?

Exceptions to compulsory military service are extremely rare, and Park Yang-Woo, the country’s culture minister, said that the seven members of BTS would not be exempt. ARMY hopes that everyone can do their service together, so that the group can get back to making music at the same time.


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