Google is working on a feature called ‘Search Bubble’!


US-based technology company Google is working on a step that will make searching easier. Here is Google’s new feature…


Technology company Google will bring a new feature to the search engine. Recently, a new feature of the company has attracted a lot of attention. Accordingly, the company will provide the opportunity to share images through the ‘Photos’ service, without the need for applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

Along with this, news came that the company is working on a new update aimed at making searches easier on Android devices. The new feature is likely to be in the form of a chat bubble. Here are those signs in the codes noticed in a program published by Google…

Google will make searching easier

According to the news of 9to5Google, the latest version of an application uploaded by Google to the Play Store attracts attention. The experts who decompiled the files of that version saw various codes regarding possible future features. Accordingly, the tech giant is now working on the “Search Bubble” feature that provides quick access to text and voice search.

(Photo: 9to5Google)

The Google app (12.44), which is currently in beta, is aimed at improving the search feature. With the release of this feature in the future, users will reach searches faster. Now let’s look at the functions of this feature together…

The search bar, which takes the form of a pill when dragged, is placed on the left or right side of your screen. The images feature a four-color magnifying glass icon and a microphone. The magnifying glass is for text entry. Besides that, the microphone is to provide voice call experience. In addition, this bubble can be open not only on the home screen, but also in any application.

Google is developing the design of the Search Bubble feature very carefully. Because it is less visually disturbing than a classic, round chat head. In the meantime, the company will provide more information about this feature along with a demo. However, while dragging, two options appear at the bottom of the screen; “Temporarily hide the bubble” or “Turn this feature off”.

In general, the tool in question is quite useful when we consider its use in different applications and on the home screen. Finally, it will be clear in the future whether Google will actually release this feature.