Google Is Testing an OpenAI ChatGPT Apprentice Bard Competitor


Trying to catch up with OpenAI and ChatGPT, Google is now inviting employees to test their enterprise in the field of AI.

Despite being one of the largest in the industry, Google was not the first to launch an AI language model that the public could use.

It was reported that since its launch, Google has been working on an OpenAI competitor in its Atlas team. This includes integrating AI with the various products they offer, including Google Search.

The overall AI project is called LaMDA, and the chatbot being developed will be called Apprentice Bard.

It is assumed that LaMDA will be part of the future chatbot Apprentice Bard. This is a direct response to ChatGPT, offering functionality similar to that of the current top-end OpenAI product.

The main superficial differences now lie in the Bard’s recent responses. ChatGPT has limited global knowledge of events after 2021, while Google Bard will be able to use current events to influence their responses.

OpenAI vs. Google

As part of these experiments, LaMDA was compared with ChatGPT to see which AI would score more points when hired by Google for coding. ChatGPT was able to get a third-level engineering position, while CNBC did not provide the results of Google’s own AI.

ChatGPT also recently passed the US bar exam to become a lawyer.

Meanwhile, LaMDA managed to solve the riddle that ChatGPT failed to solve. The riddle is as follows:

“Three women in a room. Two of them are mothers and have just given birth. Now the fathers of the children enter. How many people are there in the room?”

LaMDA was able to output seven, and ChatGPT incorrectly answered five.

As for Google search, those who have seen the tests have noticed that the “I’m lucky” section has been removed. Instead, the search bar will now provide you with AI responses, options for further actions, and the requested search results.


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