Google is giving up critical ad display feature


Google, the leader in the digital advertising industry, has announced that it will now end its policy of selling ads based on users’ browser history. In the future, when you switch from one site to another, only the cookies of the address you are in will be evaluated.

Alphabet Inc., which has made a radical change in advertising policies. He gave remarkable messages in his statement today. It has been learned that with the new system to be implemented as of next year, tracking technologies that define web users will be disabled and Google will stop investing in these areas.

Google changes its advertising policies in 2022

Google’s Product Manager, David Temkin, announced in his blog post today that they are planning to remove third-party cookies from Chrome to meet users’ data privacy standards. Taking into account the concerns of internet users, the official shared the following sentences:

“If digital advertising is not updated to address growing concerns of people about their privacy and how their personal data is used; We risk the future of a free and open web environment. After phasing out third party cookies; We clearly state that we will not create alternative identifiers to track individuals as they browse the web or use them in our products. ”

In early 2020, Google, in direct proportion to these statements; He had stated that in 2022, they would completely remove third-party cookies. Instead, the company is looking for a way to connect consumers with similar interests to potential businesses by grouping them. Thus, instead of defining individuals one by one, it aims to define them as a group with their minimum characteristics.


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