Google Introduces Its New Dermatology Focused App


Google introduced its new dermatology-focused app. Google announced that it is working on an application that can detect skin problems with visuals and identify potential diagnoses. The application will first be made available in European countries.

Google is both one of the world’s largest technology companies and has the world’s most popular search engine. For this reason, the company knows the needs of its users and develops practical systems or applications for these needs.

Every year, billions of people search for problems on their skin on Google and try to find solutions. In order to meet this information need of users, Google is working on a new dermatology-focused application.

Artificial intelligence that can detect skin problems

Thanks to the artificial intelligence software developed, this system can diagnose at the same level as, or sometimes better than, dermatologists. In addition, this system can increase its knowledge pool day by day by using previous searches and scanned images. But there are very few clinics where this system has been tested in practice.

This artificial intelligence system of Google has not yet been clinically approved, but the success of the application’s artificial intelligence system has managed to attract the attention of the company’s health department. On the other hand, although the system works well, it seems that it will not be approved for use in the USA anytime soon. Dermatologist Roxana Danshjou, a research assistant in the “Machine Learning and Health” department at Stanford University, stated that this system will not be approved in the US and no dermatologist will use it.

Speaking at the company’s developer conference, Karen DeSalvo, the director of Google’s health division, stated that this artificial intelligence system has been approved by the European Union and will be released for Europe later this year. DeSalvo also confirmed this information by saying, “The app will not be released for the US.”

Google will move forward with a focus on Europe

The company’s policy for this app will be slightly different from previous software and apps. This time, Google will focus on the European region instead of focusing on the USA and will develop its service primarily in this region. In addition, this application will have to comply with the health rules of the European Union.

When the app scans for skin problems and displays the results, “Recommended Conditions” will appear on the screen, indicating that the results shown may not be a definitive diagnosis. Also in the application, “The following recommended conditions are not medical diagnoses. There will also be a warning similar to “Please contact your doctor for more information”.

The app can currently identify about 228 dermatological diseases, from acne to skin cancer. This number is expected to increase in the future.


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