Google introduced artificial intelligence powered video tool


Google announced the Url2Video tool for companies that do not have enough budget for promotional video. The artificial intelligence supported project creates a promotional video for you by taking the necessary information from your company’s website.

Google introduced its AI-powered video tool: Url2Video

Thanks to the new tool developed by Google, you will be able to get results quickly by specifying the duration and size of your promotional video. Thanks to this project developed for small-scale companies, you will not need to allocate any budget for the promotional video.

Google yapay zeka destekli url2video aracını tanıttı

The model structure of the Url2Video tool, which makes use of the design features of the website, photographs and texts while creating the video, was prepared with professional designers. The tool, which works according to certain parameters, determines the basic elements after analyzing the page.

The tool, which selects the most suitable images and texts on the website to create the video according to the conditions determined by the users, also allows you to edit the video according to your needs. Baidu of Chinese origin had launched a similar project.

The artificial intelligence supported project developed by Baidu can vocalize the text on any website and turn it into a news video. Google also announced that it plans to add voiceover to the Url2Video tool, similar to the Baidu project.


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