Google improves protection for journalists against hacker attacks


Google introduced several new features for users of the “Advanced Protection Program”, aimed at high-risk profiles, such as activists, journalists, members of political campaigns, executives and employees from regulated sectors, among others, who will have even more security in all your devices.

Available on smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops, Advanced Protection protects Google accounts, both personal and business, from targeted and sophisticated attacks, preventing the actions of possible attackers.

The program now automatically activates Google Play Protect, an integrated malware protection tool on Android, which scans and verifies 100 billion apps on the Google Play virtual store daily, ensuring the security of the device, installed programs and also user data.

With this change, the service supported by machine learning algorithms will be enabled on all devices that have an account registered in the program, with the Mountain View giant demanding that it remain activated at all times, to ensure greater additional protection.

Limitation for downloads outside the Play Store
Another news announced may not be so pleasant for those who use the program and have the habit of downloading apps outside the Google Play Store: the company will block them. This measure was taken to prevent malicious applications from being installed without you knowing it, according to the company.

However, the user can still download apps from stores pre-installed by the device manufacturer and also through the Android Debug Bridge. In addition, apps from external sources installed prior to the change will not be removed or restricted in future updates.

The changes are gradually being made available to all users of the program.


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