Google I / O of 2021 is already dated


Google: Held annually, the eyes of the network and technology sectors usually set every May on Google I / O, the developer congress organized by the Internet giant to present and discuss Google applications and open technologies. from Internet.

And it is not a single day, but the event itself lasts 3 days, opening with the traditional Google Keynote, in which they will tell us news of their ongoing projects, there will be announcements of other new projects and we will know more about things like the new version of your android system

GOOGLE I / O 2020

But last year, when the Google I / O 2020 edition was to be held, something happened. Something called Coronavirus. The pandemic that still lasts for us ruined all the events of the year, and Google I / O was one of the first affected. The 2020 face-to-face edition was first canceled at the beginning of March 2020, but there was still a loophole to move the I / O to a purely digital celebration. But in the end we didn’t even have that, and at the end of March 2020, Google canceled that year’s edition.

But we are in 2021, a year of hope and just a few months away – let’s cross our fingers – that this pandemic is nothing more than a horrible memory in the history books. And if the Mobile World Congress returns -although that remains to be seen- and the Facebook F8, the Google I / O will also return.

Google I / O date 2021

Google has announced the date of its annual Google I / O developer conference, which this year will begin on May 18 and will be completely digital, with no face-to-face elements. And to make it official, the company has resorted to a great old promotional method: Riddles, small tests that the followers of the company must pass in order to access more details about the celebration of an upcoming event, in this case, its conference. annual developer.

On this occasion, the company has organized four puzzles that, when solved, inform the date of the conference: from May 18 to 20, 2021. The date is also available on the official page of the event, where they indicate, also, that it will be “free for all”.