Google I / O 2021: Everything That Happened on The 1st Day of The Event


Google I / O 2021, the technology giant’s programmers conference, began on Tuesday (18th). The event, which was held online and broadcast free of charge, brought important news about Android 12 and in relation to the most varied applications of the company. Check out, below, everything that happened most important on this 1st day.

Google Workspace News

Google Workspace, which replaced the old GSuite, gained several new features. Among them, the adoption of smart cards to show location, title and other contact information. The system will be present in Docs, where it will be possible to link several people to a document.

Another interesting feature was the integration between Meet and other tools. This will allow you to edit texts while a video call is in progress.

Exclusive quantum computing campus

The company revealed that it opened a campus dedicated exclusively to the development of technologies for quantum computing. The complex will be located in Santa Barbara, California. There, there will be the hardware research labs and the quantum processors’ own factories. The idea will be to create a quantum computer in less than a decade.

LaMDA: tool that uses neural language

LaMDA, Language Model for Dialogue Applications, is a new tool that uses neural language to simulate real conversations. Considered an evolution of chatbots, the promise is that technology “can fluidly engage on an apparently infinite number of topics”. Google CEO Sundar Pichai exemplified the use of the feature by simulating a user’s conversation with Pluto. The Dwarf Planet gave “tips” on what to do if someone wants to visit you.

Google LaMDA: tool simulates real conversations with ‘anything’

Security news

The technology giant has announced several new security tools for computer and mobile applications. Among the features are improvements to Password Manager, the application that manages passwords. In addition, Rapid search exclusion was also announced; Blocking folders on Google Photos and a new Privacy Panel on Android 12.


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