Google Home Will Receive Remote Control Feature On Android And iOS


Google Home: About a month ago, Google released the new ‘Android TV Remote’ functionality for the Google TV app. Soon, the feature will also be available on hundreds of smartphones running Android and iOS systems through Google Home, allowing TVs to be controlled via the mobile device.

According to information revealed to the Engadget portal, users of Google TV, and of televisions with the Android TV system, will be able to use virtually any cell phone as a remote control via the Google Home application.

“As of today, you can find something great to watch on Google TV, even when the couch eats your remote. We’ve built remote control features on your Android smartphone, so you can turn on your TV, browse your recommendations, or even launch your favorite show right from your phone,” was published in the Google TV community.

Through Google Home, the user will be able to turn on the TV, decide the schedule and even type any search directly from the cell phone. Although some Android users are already accessing the feature, the company has yet to reveal a general release date for Android and iOS.


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