Google Health: Leak Shows Supposed Health App Interface


Google Health: Apparently, a new Google Health app is in development. According to 91Mobile, leak expert Ishan Agarwal has released screenshots showing the supposed new interface and some of its brew of the app.

The point that drew the most attention is the new option that will allow you to integrate medical records and share them with family or friends. One of the screenshots shows that, before you even start using the app, you’ll need to enter all your online accounts for locations where you received medical care.

“Get a unified view of your health by bringing together information from your doctor’s visit, labs and more. Start by linking your accounts online from places where you received your medical care.” says one of the screenshots provided by Agarwal.

The application is in the development phase and it is not yet clear if the project will be approved. However, if launched, the service will likely be separate from Google Fit and have great potential for integration into everyday life, rivaling even Apple’s Health app.

It is important to remember that in its last conference, Google I/O 2021, the company had already launched a health tool that allows the identification of skin cancer through Artificial Intelligence, in addition to new advances in research on covid-19.


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