Google Groups gains new interface


Google officially announced on Monday, 17/08, the availability of news related to Google Groups, bringing important implementations for users who have a subscription linked to the G Suite business service and for users with personal accounts.

According to the publication made on the official blog, the company revealed that it is offering a new interface, making it more modern in accesses made on mobile devices, making it more aligned with the company’s applications.

This allows users to have a richer experience, making it easier to perform common tasks such as finding groups by browsing, searching or accessing favorite groups, managing membership settings and reading conversations within a group.

However, according to the same publication, not all interactions will be available on the cell phone, examples being the limitations to carry out publications or answer conversations, in which case it is necessary to continue accessing by PC or on the desktop interface.

According to Google, the availability starts from August 17 gradually, and it may take a few weeks for all users to benefit, with the promise that all users will benefit, which means that both subscribers to the G Suite and personal accounts should have the new interface.

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