Google gave details about new toolkits


Following the new Gmail toolkit released this week, Google is introducing some new iOS toolkits for its different applications. In a blog post, the company gave information about the toolkits that have been published for Drive and Google Fit. He also stated that he will release a toolkit for Calendar in the coming weeks. It has been promised that a toolkit for Chrome will also be released within the next year, which is currently in beta.

The toolkits offer different functions, from providing simple shortcuts to the most used features of apps, to showing key information at a glance. The Chrome widget includes quick links to web and voice search features, QR code scanning and new incognito tab opening. The Drive toolkit includes shortcuts to your files and a search box. The Google Fit widget displays total step count and heart scores while the Calendar widget displays nearby appointment records.

Google has already started rolling out iOS toolsets for many of its apps. These include Google Photos, YouTube Music, and the official Google search app. However, in some cases, with this toolkit feature that comes with iOS 14, the developers are limited. For example, you can’t navigate messages in your inbox via the Gmail widget, or the song played through the YouTube Music widget isn’t checked. However, with the upcoming iOS versions, it seems likely that these features will come to toolkits.


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