Google G Suite will continue as Google Workspace


Google is going through a comprehensive branding and design change for its suite of office apps. From now on, G Suite will continue under the name of Google Workspace. The new brand strategy includes Gmail, Docs, Meet, Tables and Calendar apps. Offering features that will enable these services to work more integrated with each other, Google also changes its price policy. The company offers another package called Business Plus, which includes more device management features.

One of the new features introduced with Google Workspace is the ability to open a chat window on the collaborative document. In this way, it is possible to continue talking about the document without leaving the current tab. In Google Docs, instead of following each other’s cursors or opening a chat window, users will be able to start a video conversation that anyone active in the document can join.

Placing small parts of different applications into others is not a completely new idea. Microsoft is also trying to do this with the Fluid framework in Office. The fact that Google offers similar features in Google Workspace indicates that the company is preparing to challenge Microsoft.

Google has previously taken other steps in this direction. Integrating Google Meet with Gmail was one of the most important steps in question. Google is now preparing to deliver a fully integrated experience that will convince users that they won’t need to switch to another tab. These innovations do not mean that everything will be accessible from a Gmail tab on the desktop. However, users will be able to see the elements in the other in each application.

Some small examples of this integration are already rolling out. In Workspace applications, it will be possible to see small previews of other documents embedded in the working document. Google will also expand the usage area of ​​the contact cards named “Smart Chip”, which appear when a person is mentioned with the “@” sign.

Google Workspace will be desktop focused in the first place

More ambitious features such as creating a document from the chat window or starting a video call via a presentation will be available in the coming months. This new approach of Google will be focused on the desktop in the first place. There won’t be such tight integration on the mobile side.

It offers colorful icons for Google Workspace applications. It is remarkable that the usual logos of applications such as Gmail and Google Calendar become very colorful with Workspace. It is worth noting that the logos in question will also be used outside of the Workspace.


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