Google Fuchsia is Available for 1st Generation Nest Hub


Quietly, Google is officially releasing the Fuchsia OS update for Nest Hub 1st generation devices – formerly Home Hub. The novelty comes to consumers after years of “secret” development.

Unlike Android, the OS for smart speakers is not based on Linux and uses a microkernel called Zircon. The new software was seen in a brief preview in May, when a preview was made available to selected users.

As per the information, the firmware update for the first models of Nest Hub does not present major changes. As a result, many devices may be running Fuchbsia that the owners haven’t noticed yet.

With performance improvements, Google has kept the experience with the new OS as similar as possible to the previous one. Something that can leave people disappointed after the various possibilities presented by the company a few years ago.

Big tech, on the other hand, is doing an excellent job of “silently” switching the operating system. There are currently no user reports pointing to major problems or flaws in the software.

How to tell if the Nest Hub is running Fuchsia

To find out if the 1st generation Nest Hub has received the Fuchsia update, the user should check the “About Device” option in the settings menu. It is important to say that the operating system will not be mentioned by its name.

So, one has to observe the information about the firmware of the device. If the latest version is 1.52.260996, it means the smart speaker is running Google’s new operating system.


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