Google Fit will measure breath with cell phone camera


Starting in March, the Google Fit app will be able to measure the user’s heart rate and respiratory rate by reading this data through the camera of the Android phone, without the need for additional accessories. The news was announced by the Mountain View giant this Thursday (4).

To measure respiration, the user needs to support the smartphone on a stable surface and position itself in front of it, so that the front camera can capture its image from the waist up without obstructions. Then, it is necessary to frame the head as indicated by the application and breathe for 30 seconds looking at the device, while the phone makes the registration.

According to Google, the artificial intelligence integrated with Fit is able to accurately detect and analyze the movements of the user’s upper trunk, including small variations, to measure the frequency of breathing and then present the result, as long as you correctly follow instructions shown on the screen.

Regarding heart rate measurement, just place your finger on the lens of the rear camera, applying light pressure to it and maintaining it for 30 seconds. It is not necessary to activate the flash, according to the company, but its activation can be useful to improve the accuracy of the resource in case of dark environments.

Pixel first

The two new features will arrive along with the Google Fit update that will be launched in March, becoming available first on the Pixel line models. The company said there are “expansion plans for more Android devices”, but has not revealed when that will happen.

Still according to the search giant, the measurements are not intended for medical diagnostics, but serve to monitor and improve the user’s well-being on a daily basis. The data can be saved in the app along with other health information, making it possible to track trends over time.


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