Google Fit Changes Way Of Calculating Data And Will Erase Records


Google Fit: This Friday (18), Google announced changes to its health-oriented application, Fit. According to the company, the software will calculate the record of some metrics in a different way and will thus make the previous history obsolete and incompatible with the new version.

The change, however, should not cause any noticeable differences for users, but will require the creation of a new activity history. For this reason, Google has detailed that the old records will be deleted within 30 days and can be downloaded to external storage by the Takeout platform.

According to the company, the decision behind the changes in Fit, more specifically in the calculation of “cumulative distance” and “consumed calories”, is to make the platform’s connectivity with other external applications easier, increasing its compatibility.

It is noteworthy that this data is used to calculate more detailed metrics in some activities and does not represent the final numbers displayed to the user.

On the other hand, Google hasn’t made it clear how external apps might benefit from the change or whether there’s been any improvement in the accuracy of activity logging and other key metrics.

The company commented on the move without providing much detail: “This change will not affect any of the data or activity you see on Google Fit,” it reiterates, adding that all “connected apps will continue to function normally”.


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