Google fined $ 637 Million by Italian antitrust agency


Google: A decision by Autorita Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM), Italy’s antitrust body, shows that big tech moves are being targeted by European regulators. In a statement published on Thursday (13), the organization reveals that it fined Google 100 million euros (about $ 637 million in direct conversion) for abuse of a dominant position in the market.

Moved by the energy company Enel X Italia, the action concerns restrictions imposed by the search giant on the implementation of JuicePass, an application aimed at charging stations for electric cars, on Android Auto, modified version of the robot’s operating system present in several vehicles that eliminate various distractions and limit functionality to keep the driver safe.

According to AGCM, Google Maps, which offers some basic services, is available on the platform – and may, in the future, incorporate directly competitive features, such as payments. “By refusing Enel X Italia’s interoperability with Android Auto, the company unfairly limited the possibilities for end users to take advantage of [the alternative]. Consequently, it favored its own solution,” he says.

Also according to the agency, the Enel app was out of the SO’s options for two years – and the directions of such relevant companies can influence the developments in the use of clean energy at a crucial moment. That is why it has also determined that Google offers the same opportunities for third-party services.


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