Google finally provided the expected update


Google’s own smartphone model Pixel 4 was on the agenda with the problem of face recognition. When the face recognition lock was active, the phone was able to unlock the phone even if the owner was asleep. This meant that the person next to you could access your phone while you were sleeping. Thanks to the new Pixel 4 update, other complaints have been resolved along with this problem.

Pixel resolved with 4 updates
With the update specially released for Pixel 4 by Google, Pixel 4 face recognition problem was solved with a single option. Users will be able to eliminate this problem if they mark the “need to have eyes open for recognition” setting after turning on face recognition on their smartphones. In fact, a big problem was eliminated thanks to the option that came with a single update.

The incoming update just did not solve this problem. Along with the April update, the low noise issue on the Bluetooth side and the disconnection problems have been fixed. In other words, the incoming update has also solved the problems that many users experience. If you own a Pixel 4, it’s good to update your phone.


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