Google finally goes black on desktop!


Google, which we all visit every day, can now host you with dark mode support. Here are the other details of the feature.


Although Google has not lacked dark mode support in its mobile applications, it has not exhibited the same attitude on desktop. We have not seen many design changes, especially in the search engine. Long after the dark theme came to mobile, finally the desktop version is also switching to the dark side.

Google is slowly getting dark mode support

It was weird that Google didn’t allow us to choose dark mode in the desktop version until now. Because Google recommends the dark mode as much as possible and occasionally boasts of battery saving values. The company, which has dark mode support in almost all of its mobile applications, has finally brought this feature for its flagship.

Not all users can experience the dark mode yet. If you want to try your luck, you can go to Google and try to activate the “Dark mode” option from the settings tab at the bottom right. If such an option does not appear, it is clear that you are not one of the lucky few. With the dark mode activated, the Google logo turns white. In the search results, we can see that there are different colors compared to the colors in the bright theme.

Although the color palette in the search engine has moved to the dark side, other pages such as the support pages still dominate the light theme. We expect these pages to switch to a dark theme in the coming weeks, with less strain on our eyes.


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