Google faces billionaire lawsuit for anonymous data collection


Google is facing a billion dollar lawsuit in the United States for collecting information from users in Chrome’s incognito tab. The lawsuit was filed in California and asks for about $ 5 billion for the parent company of the owner of Chrome, Alphabet.

According to Reuters, the legal action is based on the fact that Google collects user data even when using anonymous browsing. While the special tab does not save search history, the company still captures information for ad services like Google Analytics and Ad Manager, in addition to plugins for websites.

According to the documentation, data collection helps Google discover details such as the user’s “friends, favorite food, shopping habits and hobbies”, as well as potential “embarrassing” information. According to those responsible for the process, the billion dollar fine would be a way to punish the company for maintaining this behavior.

The lawsuit includes “millions” of Google users who have used anonymous search engine since 2016. The lawsuit calls for at least $ 5,000 in damages for each person, which has generated the value of around $ 5 billion.

In a statement sent to Venture Beat, Jose Castaneda, a Google spokesman, said the company is willing to defend itself against the charges. According to the company’s representative, the anonymous browsing mode makes it clear that the user can still be tracked and have certain data collected.

“As we make clear each time you open the incognito tab, websites can collect information about your browsing activities, explains the Google spokesman.


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