Google engineer finds bug in Windows 10 taskbar


A new bug or design flaw in Windows 10 has been identified in the Taskbar, which houses shortcuts to programs and services that are widely used by users. The problem specifically involves unwanted slowness when opening the options menu on the icons placed there, activated when you click on one of them with the right cursor button.

Who discovered the bug and reported in detail what happened was Bruce Dawson, Google engineer, who reproduced the problem on a device with 32 GB of RAM and a 2 TB SSD and published the result on GitHub.

According to him, the flaw has existed since last year and would have been corrected only partially by Microsoft, since the delay still exists to a lesser extent. It happens in all programs, from browsers to text editors.

The delay would be less than a second – specifically, between 200 and 250 milliseconds (ms) according to the engineer. However, the ideal would be a stable value around 50 ms, making the response to the click command practically immediate. The bug was also found when selecting the calendar, in the right corner of the taskbar.

The “report” containing a complete description of the error was submitted to Microsoft and, according to the company, the possible failure is being assessed by the team and more details will be shared soon.

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