Google Enabled ‘SOS Alert’ Feature For Corona Virus Searches


Google has added ‘SOS Alert’ to the search results related to Corona virus to make it easy for users to access all information, news and announcements about the Corona virus in searches.

Given the worldwide reach, Google is an important source for emergency information. The search giant added SOS Alert to search results today to quickly provide users with important news and resources about the Corona virus.

When you go to Google and search for Corona virus, you get an SOS Alert titled “2019 Novel Coronavirus” in the white card at the top of the page. When you click on the alert, nothing changes on the page, but you can share the results page. Earthquakes or fires are usually indicated by a bright red card.

Google is currently showing the same alerts globally, but will localize results over time. Also included in the search results is the “Help and information” section, which contains links to articles about the Corona virus, an overview of the situation and a question and answer section. This section provides security tips for virus protection.

Google will provide more information to users who search when needed. The company aims to make the resources about Corona virus easily accessible with SOS Alert.

The SOS Alerts feature was first introduced in 2017 and is activated during crisis events where public security may be at risk. The feature offers an ad-free experience that makes it easy to access the latest news, links to authoritative sources, and security tips. donated $ 250,000 to the Chinese Red Cross. He raised over $ 800,000 by campaigning through Google employees and the company’s charitable arm.


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