Google: Employee Group Protests Against Mandatory Vaccination


Google: A group of Google employees signed a manifesto that rejects the company’s internal policy of mandatory vaccination against covid-19 for employees. According to CNBC, the manifest already accumulates approximately 600 signatures.

The document calls for rewording the rule to be “inclusive for all Googlers” and asks employees to oppose the mandatory act “as a matter of principle.” The author also mentions that this type of decision can be expanded in the future to other vaccines and other health interventions without taking into account any “personal beliefs and decisions”.

Altogether, the company has more than 150 thousand employees and, for the time being, it is not possible to know how many of them have already been properly immunized.

The US began mass vaccination against covid-19 in late 2020 and Google even turned offices into dose delivery points, but the country is now finding it difficult to expand the ceiling on immunized people.

In November of this year, Brazil surpassed the country in the rate of people with the complete immunization cycle — that is, in percentage of the population with the two doses received or a single dose vaccine. On the other hand, the number of daily deaths due to covid-19 here dropped with the advance of vaccination, while in the US it only grew in the second half of this year.

Internal policy

Google’s move to accelerate immunization among employees is part of the plan to return to the face-to-face model of work in the United States. For this, according to a measure taken by the country’s government, companies with more than 100 employees must have their workforce’s vaccination records by January 4, 2022.

On its own initiative, the company also requested that all employees who work directly or indirectly with contracts and public services must also be immunized. Previously, the company warned that it would analyze denials of vaccines on a case-by-case basis, taking into account arguments such as religious beliefs or health conditions.

“As we advise all of our contributors and the author of this document, our vaccination requirements are one of the most important ways we can keep the workforce safe and keep our services running. We firmly support our immunization policies.” , a Google spokesman told CNBC.