Google Earth Now Available for Browsers Other Than Chrome


Google has announced that the web-based version of Earth can now be used in Firefox, Edge and Opera browsers. The company is also working to support Apple’s Safari browser.

As of today, Google is opening the web-based version of Earth to browsers such as Firefox, Edge and Opera. The search giant made major improvements to Google Earth in 2017, keeping the web version restricted to Chrome. Today, these borders have expanded considerably.

Although Google says it is a supporter of open web standards, Earth was only available on the web with Chrome-specific Local Client (NaCl) technology. NaCI enabled Earth to run directly in a Chrome browser with Google’s native C ++ application code. The company then contributed to other developers’ new web standards such as WebAssembly in the past 3 years.

Google has tested the transition from NaCI to WebAssembly in the past six to six months, and finally made Google Earth available for Firefox, Edge and Opera browsers. Apple’s browser Safari, however, is an important exception at this point. The Google Earth team said in a blog post, “We still have work to do. We are improving our experience in all these browsers and adding support for Safari.” used expressions. In short, Safari users have to wait a little longer for Google Earth.

Although Google Earth works in other browsers, Google stated that this transition still needs improvements. So this means that users can get the best experience again in the Chrome browser.

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