Google Duo to be Closed by Joining Google Meet


Google’s two different video chat services, Duo and Meet, are currently serving users. As the two services are becoming more and more similar, Google may terminate the Duo service.

Google currently offers two different video call services. The names of these services are known as Duo and Meet. The first of the apps was a complement to the now obsolete Allo messaging service that two people talked to. Meet is mostly used for video conferencing.

Over time, the differences between these two applications in terms of users have decreased considerably both in terms of experience and features. This made using two different applications at the same time meaningless. Google may therefore terminate Duo.

Google Meet will swallow the Duo

According to the news of 9to5Google based on sources close to the company, Google Duo will eventually be replaced by Google Meet. Currently, platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have been the shining stars of the last period due to the coronavirus pandemic. This change accelerates the end of the Duo.

Thanks to the change to be made, Google will leave behind the period in which users were confused by marketing two very similar products. Although Duo is intended for consumers, Gmail is known to have a huge Meet button.

Details of the transition are unknown

There is no official calendar or explanation yet for how the transition will be carried out or how it will begin. According to reports, some of the key features of Duo need to be ported to Google Meet first. Duo will then be shut down.

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End-to-end encryption, phone number integration and 3D effects are among those expected to be added to Google Meet as a result of the work to be done. On the other hand, it should be taken into consideration that Google Duo is found much more successful than Meet.

Nowadays, it is talked about continuing education to be carried out remotely, and technology companies focus on video conferencing applications, taking into account possible decisions such as curfew and quarantine. Let’s see if this change will produce the result Google wants.


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