Google Duo: group video call without breaking your data plan


The number of home office professionals and friends wanting to communicate virtually has skyrocketed. Consequently, the period of physical distance due to the new coronavirus has boosted the use of video conferencing tools, including Google Duo.

The tool already has more than 1.2 million active users in Brazil, according to the company App Annie, which analyzes data from the application market. However, the number of downloads more than doubled in the week of March 15-21 compared to the previous period, indicating high demand on account of the authorities’ recommendation for people not to leave home.

One of the advantages of Google Duo is that it can be adopted by users of different platforms: Android, iOS and the web. During the period of high downloads due to the covid-19 pandemic, Apple smartphone users stood out among those interested. The number of downloads for the Google Duo for iOS increased 10-fold, from 298 downloads in the week of March 8 to 14 to 3363 downloads in the following week.

How does Google Duo work?
It is not necessary to have a Google account to use Duo. After accessing the Google Duo page on the web or downloading the app for iOS or Android, just register your phone number to find your contacts.

The Google application allows up to eight people to be joined in the same video call. However, one of the best features is that it doesn’t require a lot of data to work. In addition, the application automatically slows down the connection speed to save the use of mobile data on the device.

The Knock-knock function allows you to see a live video of the caller when you receive the call, but the person on the other end cannot see anything until you are answered. In addition, if you are busy or do not want to answer at the moment, the person can record and send video or voice messages for you to access later, within 24 hours, as a kind of multimedia mailbox.

All calls made by Google Duo are protected by end-to-end encryption and technology that transfers data between users without any additional plug-ins or software.


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