Google Drive’s Trash will be cleaned automatically


Google Drive is changing its Trash policy. From now on, files sent by users to the Trash Bin will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Until now, files in the Trash would remain there indefinitely if users didn’t delete them manually.

This change by Google seems to affect users who take advantage of this weird situation just to stack files.

The Verge site points out that this policy has already been implemented in other services of Google. For example, files in the Trash in Gmail are automatically deleted after 30 days. Therefore, it can be said that Google has taken a step to increase the consistency between its services.

A message with details will be placed on the application to notify Google Drive users of this change. In addition, in-app notifications will be displayed in Drive, Docs and Forms. Administrators will be able to retrieve files deleted from users’ trash can within 30 days. These changes will not affect the policies set by Google Vault administrators either.

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