Google Drive Will Block Files That Violate Service Rules


Google has announced a new policy on the Google Drive storage service that can even block sharing and public access to files that are stored on the platform.

The punishment will be applied if the files in question are configured as harmful or if they violate company rules, including the Terms of Service and program policies.

The restriction involves placing a “flag” icon next to the file, with the person responsible for storage receiving a warning email. If you disagree with the company’s decision, you can ask for a detailed analysis of a file settings violation.

For now, the company has not specified what the main reasons for the limitation will be, but spam and malware seem to be the big targets of the operation.

What google says

According to the TechRadar website, the punishment can be more serious than just restricting access to the document, which could even cause the account to be limited and the file removed without the chance of the owner being able to download it.

“Google Drive is constantly working on protecting the safety and security of users and society, while always respecting privacy. Just as Gmail has long kept users safe from phishing and malware attacks, bring those Same protections for Google Drive is critical in ensuring that Drive remains as secure as possible for all users,” the statement said.