Google Drive Will Alert Users to ‘Suspicious Content’


Google Drive: Malware, viruses and other virtual threats can be hidden in different types of files that we receive daily from a variety of sources. In order to reduce the risks for users, Google Drive released a new security feature this Friday (21).

From now on, Google’s cloud storage service will warn about the possibility of threats disguised as legitimate content in the data stored on the platform. To do so, the tool will scan the files before opening them, be it a photo, text, document or data of any kind.

If it finds a “suspicious file” after the scan, Drive will issue a yellow alert displayed at the top of the page, informing you of the possibility that it is something malicious. From then on, the user will be able to decide what to do, continuing with the download even knowing the risk or removing it.

This type of warning about suspicious content is already used by other services, including the search giant itself, such as Google Docs. More file storage platforms also bring similar functionality, such as Dropbox and MEGA, where cybercriminals often store malware and ransomware for their malicious campaigns.

Gradual launch

The alert feature about suspicious content in Google Drive will reach the entire user base of the service offered by the Mountain View company. However, not everyone will have access to the security feature right away.

As it is a gradual launch, big tech’s forecast is that the novelty will be available to everyone within 15 days.