Google Drive, vulnerability and risk of malware download


Google Drive, a feature widely used around the world due to its practicality, has proven to be dangerous in some cases, with the potential to infect devices with malware when the user makes use of the “Manage versions” tool.

The system failure was reported by The Hacker News and shows exactly how the process can happen. First, by sharing a file and allowing people with the link to make changes, it is possible for anyone to replace the file in question with malware. When the content is accessed, the virus can spread easily.

More details of Google Drive failure

Google Drive does not inform when the change is made, suggesting that the file remains safe for everyone, but the vulnerability is dangerous, given that it can be used by hackers to obtain data and steal information. As the service is renowned, it is common for users to trust their protection system, giving even more space for infractions to happen.

Google has already been notified of the error presented, despite not having made any type of announcement until then. It is expected that the company will develop some measure capable of supplying this failure. Until then, it is necessary to reinforce care, especially for those who use the file sharing tool frequently. Any change can render malware on your device, leaving private data more and more exposed.

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