Google Drive registers access problems to its service


Google has confirmed the problems with its Google Drive service and is investigating.

If you’re having trouble logging into Google Drive, you’re not alone, as the service has been experiencing errors since around 9 a.m. Eastern Time this morning, Sept. 15, 2020.

According to Down Detector’s live outage map, these bugs are mostly concentrated in the United States.

Google Drive users on social media reported seeing a “something went wrong” or “server encountered an error” message when trying to access files or perform other tasks in the web application.

What you need to know

Users are experiencing some problems with Google Drive this morning.
It’s not a total disruption, but users report a glut of error messages and other frustrating behavior.
Google has confirmed the reports and is investigating.

A status update from Google confirms the reports and notes that they are investigating reports of a problem with Google Drive and will provide more information as soon as they have it.

On the other hand, affected users can access Google Drive, but they are seeing error messages, high latency and / or other unexpected behavior.

Google is reasonably fast with these things, so wait for a timely resolution, remember that last August 20 Google suffered a drop in almost all its services and functions such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, Groups, Chat, Keep and Voice, experienced service outages in the morning, according to the company’s G Suite Status Dashboard. At 7:10 a.m. ET, Google stated that the Gmail issues had been resolved and that its dashboard had been updated to show that all services were working normally.

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While the outages were ongoing, file uploads have been verified to fail across all Google services, including uploading Gmail attachments to personal Gmail and G Suite accounts. In some cases, a new email or reply could not even be composed.

So if your Google Drive crashes, keep in mind that it is probably not your fault.


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