Google Drive on Android lets you listen to audios in the background


Google Drive was updated and finally received the option to listen to audios in the background and different speeds for playing files. Available on Android devices, the app can be downloaded from the Play Store — the news has not yet appeared in the iOS version.

The control panel is in the device notifications window, following the same principle as Spotify. This allows the use of other apps while the user is listening to the audio.

Although the update notes tell you the option to set speeds, we still haven’t found the feature in the interface — portals like Android Police haven’t noticed either. Following the logic of other Google updates, the tool may be made available gradually.

Lots of space for your files

The service offers 15GB of cloud storage for all registered users. In addition to uploading, the consumer can organize and share files. Finally, you can write comments and configure notifications for group work.

Workspace subscribers gain advantages in the software, such as different storage spaces — between 30GB and “unlimited” — and the creation of Shared Drives. Check out the different advantages on the company’s website.

On Monday (12), Google announced a new version of the program for desktops, with the unification of functions of Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream.


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