Google Drive Gains Advanced Search Filter Like Gmail


Google Drive: Google has started releasing a new file and document search engine for the Google Drive cloud storage platform.

From now on, it will be possible to add a series of advanced filters to the search, which makes it easier to refine a search to a single attempt and increases the chance that you will find what you were looking for, no matter how hidden the file was.

The new features are vertical filters called “chips” by the company and were already available in Gmail. In the case of Google Drive, they are separated by location, file type, people involved (such as those who are authorized to read or edit the document), title, last modified date, and document status.

The novelty will be available to all Drive users, from paid corporate accounts to those who only have a company email. The update started this Tuesday (15) gradually and may take a few days to impact the entire consumer base, but soon it will be visible to everyone.