Google Drive File Stream for M1 chip Mac devices


The Google Drive File Stream platform will receive an update that will provide support for Mac devices that have the M1 chip, encompassing the new macBooks and macMini that bring the hardware, something that ends up being largely positive for those who are looking to upgrade, but it depends from the program.

This news was released by 9to5Google, where it made it clear that the giant Mountain View is working to make the programs have good usability in the new Apple chipset, developed for exclusive use in the brand’s devices, something that had been speculated for years , but it only became reality in 2020.

Google is not the first company to make modifications to the programs it has to adapt to the new chip, since Adobe has been working on it since last year, when it launched a beta version of the Premiere Pro video editor adapted for the new models of Apple equipment.

Even informing the public now, this update of the Google Drive File Stream platform is expected to arrive only in April. But the Cupertino giant is not the only one without support for this system, as Google is making adaptations because of the AM architecture, including the Microsoft Surface Pro X model.


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