Google: Doodle Encourages Vaccination and Mask Use


This Wednesday (4), Google presented its new Doodle “Get Vaccinated, Wear a Mask, Save Lives”, bringing news close to you about covid-19, information about vaccination and reinforcing virus prevention protocols .

By clicking on the image, the user is taken to the search for “covid vaccine near me” with the main news, a list of frequently asked questions and places of vaccination in their city, in addition to the updated vaccination map of Brazil — with percentages of vaccinated people, infected, among other data.

Accessing Google Maps it is possible to identify vaccination points in more than 80 Brazilian cities, with details on vaccination groups, if they have a drive-thru system and more. Another tool that received updates about the pandemic was Google Pay, which now features the vaccination card.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the search giant has played an important role in disseminating data about the pandemic, making information based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) accessible and fighting fake news.


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