Google Discover tuned to YouTube content


Google Discover will start displaying YouTube content under the name of “Short videos” in the carousel array.

In August, Google started showing “short videos” to participate in Discover webpages, regular videos and AMP-based Web Stories. After a while, this feature is being prepared to be available in the USA as a beta next month.

YouTube Shorts will be shown in a carousel sequence

The new format has the YouTube playback logo in the upper left corner of the cards, while the video title and the “YouTube” logo appear below. When you tap right away, a new full screen player opens where you can see the YouTube app and comments you may like, share and send reports or feedback.

On the other hand, there is no search bar where the only control is play pause. You have to swipe up to jump to a new “short video” and down to go back.

“YouTube Shorts”, which are up to 15 seconds long, can be created using the “Shorts” camera, which is currently only available in India. Accessed from the Create menu on the bottom bar of the YouTube app, the new “short-form video maker” allows you to select music while recording, set the speed, and set a countdown timer for hands-free shooting.

In addition, let’s say that according to Google’s statement, YouTube Shorts currently receives more than 3.5 billion daily views worldwide.


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