Google disables Measure, Tape Measure Application In RA


Google: Last night (8), the Android Police website reported the disappearance of a Google application that had been working successfully and receiving investments in its development. It was Measure, known as the “measure tape app”, which worked on Android devices that are compatible with the augmented reality standard.

Measure’s story began in 2016, as an exclusive app for Tango, an augmented reality platform that promised to create a parallel universe in 3D through computer vision. With the retirement of Tango, at the end of 2017, to make way for ARCore technology, the app started to measure in cameras with the new software.

Starting in 2018, Measure received an update to work on vertical surfaces, and the following year Google tried incorporating it into the camera, but it didn’t work as expected. Last year, as if to announce that it wasn’t entirely forgotten, the app received a surface animation and new types of measurement conversions.

Measure nowadays

The truth is that Measure worked well, allowing users to take correct measurements, just pointing the camera towards the things that were supposed to be measured and drawing some lines on the screen. Despite its accuracy, the application had some sporadic bugs, which didn’t stop Apple from releasing its own version of the concept.

When trying to download Measure on Tuesday (08), a killer changelog appears: “This app is no longer supported and will not be updated. Users who have already installed this app can continue to use it on compatible devices.” The change log makes it clear that the current version is the “final”, meaning don’t expect any kind of update.

Despite having been removed from the Play Store, Measure will continue to work for those who already have it installed. But for those who don’t have the app and want to install it, it’s still available on APKMirror.