Google dinosaur game gets version powered by weapons


Perhaps one of the best known Easter eggs for those who use Google Chrome is the famous dinosaur game, or T-Rex Running in English, which is the ideal pastime for those without internet.

For those who still don’t like the game, just click “chrome: // dino” in the address bar (or disconnect the internet) and, when the message “No Internet” appears, press the space bar, which is also used to jump over the obstacles.

The free game, which works on both mobile phones and computers, has just won a turbocharged version, offered by the collective MSCHF and 100 Thieves, which coordinates several eSports teams. Tired of just jumping on cacti, Dino now appears more angry and with 26 different weapons of destruction.

The new version of the dinosaur game

The new version, which is being called Dino Swords, is similar to the original version. Only, instead of just jumping over obstacles, you can collect weapons that appear in icons along the way. To use them, it is necessary to press the corresponding key, such as the flamethrower which is activated by the “R” key.

Among the new weapons available, there are baseball bats, shurikens, swords, mallets, bows and arrows and even some tank vehicles and helicopter. But, be very careful when using your new weapons, because some of them cause damage to Dino himself, that is, they are literally shot in the foot.

In an interview with The Verge portal on Monday (24), MSCHF strategy chief Daniel Greenberg said the goal of the game’s update was “just to make it more true to form”. Really, the updated game looks like the flash mini-games of the previous generation.

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100 Thieves owner and former professional Call of Duty player Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag told The Verge that the new weapons added to Dino pay homage to the classic weapons of old video games.


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