Google cut Daydream VR support with Android 11


Google ended the production of the Daydream View VR headset in October of last year. The company has now stopped supporting the Daydream VR platform with Android 11. This means that headsets using the Daydream VR platform will not work with Android 11 installed devices.

While the platform will not be updated, it can be said that this is not a complete shutdown. Because Google has stated that it is still possible to access some third-party virtual reality applications through the Play Store.

No wonder Google has terminated Daydream support. It was expected that Google would make such a move after the Daydream View header was unplugged. In the statement made by the company at that time, it was stated that the low developer interest and the decrease in usage time were effective in the decision of Daydream View.

By ending Google Daydream VR support, it almost completely broke its connection with virtual reality. The company, which shifted its focus to augmented reality, exemplified this situation with features such as Live View in Maps.


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