Google Creates Lie Photos Profile For Perseverance Register Mars


Google: On February 18 of this year, the rover Perseverance successfully landed on Mars. Honoring the milestone of six months of this journey, Google, in partnership with NASA, published on its official YouTube channel a video in which it imagines how the robot would be profiled on Google Photos, the company’s file storage service.

Since its landing, the probe has shared with us its adventures through extraterrestrial territory and has accumulated, so far, 125,428 records – which, according to the search giant’s humorous material, would be categorized as “selfies”, “panoramics”, “rocks”, “more rocks” and “recent trips”, for example.

One of the highlights of the collection goes to the filming of his arrival at the Red Planet. Also, location features would help to restrict library results to certain places. Check out.

Companies, dunes and lack of results

If, on the one hand, the Ingenuity helicopter, which never tires of surprising research teams with its longevity, would enter the “People and pets” section as soon as it was identified — alongside the Curiosity probe, the Sun, tracks and specimens of specific stones — on the other hand it wouldn’t do to look for what hasn’t been found so far. Namely, water and martians.

Still, dunes, according to indications provided by the tool’s artificial intelligence, would not be lacking. “Look into the past and visit a world of memories with Google Photos,” reads the message at the end of the video, packed with the song Put On Your Sunday Clothes, by Jerry Herman, part of the soundtrack of the animation WALL-E.