Google creates Doodle to encourage masks


Preventing Covid-19 is the Doodle theme displayed on Google’s homepage, this Wednesday (5), encouraging the use of masks to prevent Covid-19.

The animation shows the letters of the word “Google” with legs, wearing colorful masks and practicing social distance between them. The figure appears in the search engine in several countries around the world, on the computer and on the cell phone.

When clicking on the image, the visitor is directed to the search results by the term “Prevention covid-19”. Reliable instructions on how to prevent the disease are displayed, according to guidelines from the World Health Organization, and a map with the number of confirmed cases, recovered and deaths in the user’s state, as well as country and world statistics.

In a statement on the Doodles blog, Google warns: “Wear a mask. Save lives. As Covid-19 continues to impact communities around the world, help stop the spread by following these steps ”. There is also a link that directs the visitor to the page created by the search giant to keep the population informed about the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Google has been preparing Doodles related to the theme. In March, an illustration taught how to wash your hands properly. In early April, animations reinforced the importance of maintaining social isolation and paid tribute to essential professionals in combating the disease. In the same month, the search engine recalled 10 classic interactive Doodles that have been successful in recent years, with the aim of entertaining people with games during isolation.

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