Google confirms that adblockers cause bugs in Google Drive


Google has officially confirmed that online content publishers part of the Google Drive package are experiencing interface flaws due to some incompatibility with ad blocking services.

According to the Android Police website, in recent days there have been several reports of problems coming from users of AdBlock and other platforms that restrict the viewing of ads in the browser.

Most of the flaws involve the layout of margins and paragraphs, leaving much of the content “cut” on the sides. In addition, many users have also reported overlapping text on slides, being unable to select lines or even editing entire pages.

Apparently, the errors appeared after updates were made to the primary filter lists of AdBlock and EasyList – which are responsible for the technology of several other blockers, in addition to being some of the most popular services in the industry. According to the team, a correction is already underway.

The Google side

“If you encounter a problem with margins or paragraphs in Google Docs, this is due to recent changes that AdBlock and EasyList have made. Unfortunately, it is out of our control. Put Google Drive on the whitelist, or disable the ad blocker to fix it, “said Google Drive division manager Remy Burger.


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