Google Confirms Error in Android App; See How To Fix


Google has officially commented on bugs in the company’s flagship Android app, which resulted in a series of user error messages last Tuesday (22). The company is working on a permanent solution to the problem, but it is already possible to work around the bug manually.

“We are aware that Google’s Android app is not working as expected for some people. We are currently working to fix this issue and we apologize for the inconvenience,” says the statement, posted on the mobile operating system’s Twitter profile.

The error does not compromise the use of the device, but hinders access to certain services, such as Google Assistant and the built-in search engine, and appears with a frequency that irritates the user.

There are unofficial reports that the issue was generated after installing the version of the application. In other words, not downloading this app build can be a way to avoid unwanted pop-ups.

What to do?

On the fault support page, a company community manager provides a walkthrough that can alleviate or resolve the issue.

To fix the issue, go to the Settings screen > Apps & Notifications > View All Apps. Then find the “Google” item and tap the “Storage” option.

Finally, tap both buttons to clear the app’s cache and temporary data storage. Remember that this process can change some settings previously established by the user.


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