Google Cloud Print will end this Friday


After 10 years, Google Cloud Print will be closed next Friday, January 1, 2021. The remote printing service has made life easier for users of Chrome OS devices and other company applications – like Google Docs.

Its main function was to connect home or corporate printers to the internet. In this way, the user could send documents for printing via the cloud, using computers or mobile devices.

Alternatives to Google Cloud Print

As an alternative to ending the service, Google recommends that Chrome OS users use the CUPS configuration on their printers. For other operating systems, the company indicates the print format of the platform or a print provider.

With features similar to Google Cloud Print, another option is the Mobility Print software. For example, it performs remote printing over the Internet and Windows. Still in the testing phase, the program is also available for Chrome OS.

The application has versions for mobile devices with Android and iOS. However, it only makes it possible to send documents to printers connected to local networks.

Brief history of Google Cloud Print

Launched in 2010, Google Cloud Print aimed to make document printing on Chrome OS devices simpler. At the time, it became an excellent solution, as support for the operating system was very weak.

In 2017, Google added the native printing feature that allows you to connect devices to any compatible printer on the same network. In this way, the need for a cloud connection was eliminated.

Two years later, the company revealed that support for Google Cloud Print would end in late 2020.


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