Google closes its Trusted Contacts app on December 1


Google has an endless number of applications to its name that you can install on your smartphone. Some of them are presented by some terminals of the Android family, but you can always install them on your iOS device if you like. One of the most useful for family members was Trusted Contacts, and we say it in the past tense because the big G plans to remove it in December.

Goodbye to another Google app

Having the contacts of the different users that you trust at hand is as simple as putting the initials AA in the name of the agenda for the most important ones. This is how the first ones will appear, but sometimes this falls short. Thanks to applications such as trusted contacts, you could control different characteristics of a person such as their location or request that they call you if you require it.

The Google app even geolocated the terminal of a user you take care of, so you will know where it is at all times. Since its arrival almost four years ago, when the Mountain View firm sold it as the solution so that no user would get lost. So much so that if the person to whom they request the location did not respond, they would send the location automatically.

However, we have bad news for those who used it, as Google will close its Trusted Contacts app on December 1. This is what they comment on The Verge, where they have received an email informing them of this initiative. Next we leave you the image with the text, in which you can read that there is another application in which the geo-location function is more useful and, therefore, its use is dispensable.

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Know the location in real time in other applications

The Trusted Contacts march does not afflict many as there are different solutions for the same purpose. In fact, the American firm itself puts Google Maps as the heir to its Share location function. The same happens if you are a WhatsApp user, you can share your position on the map with one or more contacts in real time so they know if you move from the place where you have stayed.

But if you want extra security, you can always trust third-party applications and one of them is AlertCops, which is developed by the Ministry of the Interior. The plus is that you can not only request the location of another person if you are their guardian, but you can also report different misdeeds and even call the police sharing the location of the person who does not answer.


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