Google Classroom doubles in hits and helps whole country in pandemic


Among the services that saw traffic increase considerably in the period of pandemic and social isolation due to the new coronavirus, Google Classroom is one of those that seems to have better handled the situation. The Google platform, which connects teachers and students as a kind of assistant for face-to-face classes, has become the only learning possibility for several courses around the world.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the service doubled in number of accesses, having 100 million people dependent on its resources in a few weeks. And, in order to support so many people and meet the expectations of schools and universities, the company had to work hard to not disappoint consumers – something that seems to have happened to Zoom, for example, which gained as many headaches as new users in the period.

According to the article, the Ministry of Education in Italy even contacted the company to transport the entire basic education system in the country to online media using Classroom. This was possible, but only thanks to “several sleepless days and nights afterwards”.

Acting fast
The pandemic and the unanticipated rise in popularity also made the Google team work on features that were not yet available and made the platform available.

A good example was listed by 9 to 5 Google: until last week, it was only possible to publish content such as text classes, exams and videos ready for registered students. Classroom is now integrated with Google Meet, which is the company’s videoconferencing platform. In addition to being renamed, it currently has all the resources released for free until the 1st of July.


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