Google Chrome will make password management easier


Google has released a new update for the Linux, Mac and Windows versions of the web browser Chrome. Google Chrome 88 brings some new features to users to keep them safe.

Those who use Chrome’s built-in password manager will now be able to take advantage of some extra options. For example, it can be checked whether a specified password is strong or not. For this, it is necessary to first touch the profile photo in the browser and then the key icon. Then there are the recommended passwords to be fortified via the “check passwords” option.

In addition, Google makes it possible to update passwords managed through Chrome from a single place. The blog post from the company on the subject includes the following statements: “You can easily update usernames and passwords from one place. For this reason, you will be able to manage all your passwords easily and quickly through Chrome settings with Chrome 88. ”

This feature, which first met with users on the desktop, will soon take its place in Chrome’s iOS and Android applications.

Some minor innovations are also offered with Google Chrome 88. Those using Windows 10 with a dark theme will see dark colored scroll bars on Chrome’s pages such as bookmarks and history. Complete removal of FTP support and macOS Yosemite support are also offered.


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