Google Chrome will let you send an image with selected texts


Google Chrome: Google is one of the most used search engines on the Internet. It knows everything, and it even knows what exactly you need. Not because of the searches you’ve done before, but because of how advanced their search engine is. This one is able to pinpoint exactly the paragraph you need, but when it comes to sharing this with a contact on your own this is impossible. But this is something that will change very soon with the new Google Chrome 90 feature.

Chrome 90 keeps selected text from a link

It is possible that on some occasion you need to quote a specific text from a web page to a friend. The process is as simple as selecting the text, copying and pasting it in a text box and sending it from your mobile or PC. This sounds like you, right? But the site may have more interesting text and that’s why you end up sending the URL. But in the big G they want to end this practice. Rather, they want to simplify and make it easier.

For this, a new feature will arrive in Google Chrome to send a link with selected text. The function starts from the most basic: select a paragraph or sentence, right-click and hit the copy button. however, in this last step you have to change a slight but important detail, which is the button itself. This will be placed just below the classic ‘copy’ and will be called ‘Copy link with underlined text’.

The result is very similar to the Google search system since the part that the issuer wants to detail will appear highlighted to the destination. That way it is very easy to point out the parts you want to show so that the other person does not get lost among the rest of the paragraphs that make up the text.

Available as a flag

The arrival of the new Google Chrome copy system is a breakthrough to navigate the Internet more clearly. Especially it will help better communication between two people from a distance and the best thing is that it is already available in a somewhat risky way. It turns out that Chrome 90 already has this feature, but you will have to use the flags to use it.

We remind you that using them may in some way damage the browser or even your machine if its development is not advanced, so we advise you to use it with caution or not to use it if you are not clear about it.


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